About Sissi

Sissi The Red Cat

Sissi is a female cat, living in Italy, borned 6 years ago.
She come into a box, and she became immediatly the princess of the house!
At the time she has a little of congiuntivites, but mainly she was healthy. 

She started from the beginning making mess around the house, how you can see in this video, when she took the toilet paper eveywhere.
In the next years, she became a beautiful orange tubby cat, playfull and very smart!

The fame on internet arrived when, in 2014, we decided to let Sissi guessed matches' results of "Brazil World Cup" just for fun. 
Incredibly, she guessed all results from eights to the final match included! 

Now Sissi has a big fan Facebook Page, where a lot of people show love for her and her world.
She is an adult cat right now, but she shows us every day her incredible temperament and her curiosity for this world!