Scaredy cats

Sometimes cats can be jerk and scare you from nothing, but about when cats are the victims? 
Check out this funny video! (no animal abuse, don't worry)

Without Cat Vs. With Cat

If you don't have yet a cat, here they're some good (bad) reasons for start to think to change your life!
Enjoy the video :)

Cat is Whipped Cream Monster!

Spoil your cat can be really a baaaad idea, but sometimes we can't resist to that cute face!
Enjoy the video!

Cat Owner Life VS Dog Owner Life

In this funny video, a quick view of  "dog or cat life".
Because they're both wonderful, in their ways <3

Motorcyclist Saves Cat!

This is a sad story: this poor cat was left in the middle of a street without water, under the sun.
Fortunally this biker came across his way, but...

Canada Post Mail Carrier VS Attack Cat

This feisty kitten proves it isn’t just dogs that hate postal staff by attacking the window every time it spots Debra Anderson delivering mail.

Debra, who works for Canada Post, is continually leapt on by one black and white cat on her route through Hamilton, Ontario.
As soon as the mischievous moggy hears the clank of the mailbox, she jumps straight at the window where Debra is.
Laughing along, the cheeky cat – called Jasmin – follows Debra along the window sill before pouncing at the glass repeatedly.

My sister's kitten spazzing out in his new cat tree!

Well, every kitten have different reaction to new toys, but this one is pretty hilarious! 

The Cat and The Bee

Usagi the cat was exploring some of our flowers when a beautiful bee step across the camera! Fortunately, Usagi is a really clever cat and she didn't approach the bee, but she just watched it.

We decide to slow down a little part of the video to let you see better the wonderful bee! Enjoy!

Fish Tank - Simon's Cat

Another funny episode of our favorite cat cartoon! This time Simon's cat is fishing for trouble.

Cat mesmerized by optical illusion

These cats had fun with paper that has an optical illusion on it. 

My cat mumbles to himself while hunting birds on the patio [ VIDEO ]

My cat, Charlie loves watching birds and squirrels on the patio. We throw birdseed on the patio for Charlie so birds will come close to the window. He loves watching them every day and we always hear him chirping.

Maro, your chef cat!

Let's continue these series of photos about cat and food. Expecially Japanese food! Here there are some funny photos of Maro :3


Sushi Cat

And here we're with some unusual, but beautiful photos from nekozushi.com !
What is your favorite one?