Permanently paralyzed kitten gets second chance at life

Someone kicked Star the kitten and broke her back, leaving her forever paralyzed and incontinent. These people decided to take action and rescue her so that she may have a chance at a happy life. Her story will bring you tears of joy!


Focused Cat

Do you know when your teacher or your mom told you to "focus" on something?
Well, this cat seems to be really good at that! 
Nothing can't distract him, neither his annoying owner. 


Kitten working on his roar!

Oh I just can't wait to be king...!


Amazing cat loses a leg, then something EPIC happens

His name is Tiger, he arrived in critical condition. His injuries were too great so they couldn't save his leg. He was about to die but he wanted to live, to do great things in life. A truly inspirational video that shows the incredible strength of cats.


Mother cat hilariously entertains her kittens

Dido the cat takes the time to play with her two newborn kittens. Watch her grab their attention as she waves her paws all around them in the funniest way possible!

This cat really loves to play with a wine stopper

Usagi is our new kitty. She lives with us since a year by now. Recently we found out she really loves to play with this wine stopper, especially when we put it on a chair or footstool, like in this case! Enjoy.

MUSIC: Hit the Switch - Silent Partner


"Burglar Cat" attacks owner when caught on camera

Check out what happens when this Maine Coon kitten realizes he's been caught on camera stealing quarters from his owner's pants. He attacks the camera when confronted!

Happy Valentine's Day with CATs!

Today is the day of lovers and love!
For this reason, we decide to collect some beautiful cats' love photos, that you can download and use on your social to show your love :)


A SPECIAL HUG: modern and sophisticated choice.
INNOCENT LOVE: what can it be more loveable than two kittens?
SWEET DREAM: a simple and very romantic choice!
ANCIENT LOVE:  an old style photo with a stolen kiss! (credit to Kundlica)
I'LL BE THERE WITH YOU: a classic and elegant choice.
LOVE LETTER: sweet and pink choice. (texture used here)

Big Cats' Art: some beautiful drawings about lions and tigers

Some of the most beautiful and magnificent animals on this world are lions and tigers!
They're also a perfect subject for good art, and here there are some examples:


For Cecil by j2artist

Golden Tiger by meowmeowmelody

Leon the colores by Aramis Fraino

Tiger en Rugido de colores by  Aramis Fraino


Kitten battles reflection in the mirror

After discovering his reflection in the mirror for the first time, this adorable Tabby kitten goes straight into attack mode! Unfortunately, the harmless reflection doesn't back down and the adorable kitten walks away defeated.

Cats' Art: Apofiss Works #1

With this post, we want to start a series of articles about some beautiful cats' art.
And which can be better than APOFISS' ART?

Apofiss is a male artist who made these wonderful drawing of cute animals, especially cats. With few colors and smudge brushes, he creates every time something "airy" and fluffy, with you can not fall in love!






Cats takes mechanical toy kitten for walk

Shorty and Kodi spend some time getting to know their new kitten, deciding who gets to walk him, and finally taking the kitty down the hallway for a spin.


A new kitten at home!

This is your daily dose of kitten cuteness!


India, the Most Innocent Kitten in the World

Adorable five week old kitten hamming it up, being cute, in her little basket.


Sissi the red cat is around on the mount, but when her owner cames back...

We live in a little town in Italy. In the front of our house, there is this mount where, sometimes, our cat Sissi goes for a walk. But when I came back from work and I call her, she comes back immediately.


When you're trying to avoid your cat enter in a room, but something goes wrong

This man tried to use a basin of water to avoid his cat to enter in that room, but the cat has another plan. 


Just cute kitten - British beauty! (VIDEO)

Just a cute kitten playing with his toy.


Typical cat unimpressed by owner's affection

Check out this cat's hilarious reaction after its owner lovingly pets it. Take your affection elsewhere!


Cat decimates toilet paper roll, makes gigantic mess

What happens when a cat discovers a perfectly intact roll of toilet paper? They absolutely destroy it!


Kittie wants a sandwich (funny video)

Littles won't let his owner make lunch. How many of your cat made the same thing?


Kitten Discovers GoPro Camera

This adorable Siberian kitten takes a good look at his owner's GoPro Hero camera for the first time. The little guy doesn't know what to think of it!