My cat scares the dog ( VIDEO )

There is a female dog in heat, and there is a male dog that wants to reach her. And then there is Sissi, a red female cat, that she'll never allow him to get his reward. And so, this is what happen everytime that poor little dog try to come near our neighbour's female dog and Sissi is around.


A cat plays with a coconut ( VIDEO )

We know cats don't really like cucumbers, but it seems they love coconuts. Or better, Sissi loves this special one for sure! Watch this adorable red kitty having fun with his precious coconut.


A cat steals a ravioli with pumpkin filling from the kitchen table ( VIDEO )

You know, homemade pasta is one of the most delicious things on this world, and this cat knows it! When her owners decided to do some ravioli for their Christmas dinner, Sissi wanted to be sure that all is made right, and she chose to take one in advance for herself.